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Would you like to join our team?  Are you an aspiring photographer or sports journalist?  If you feel you have talents that would be worthwhile to bring to the table please submit the form below and we’ll be in contact with you ASAP to discuss potential openings.

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Mike Crook

Raised to bleed Garnet and Gold, Mike’s first passion will always be Florida State football. Though he does enjoy watching just about any sporting event if given the opportunity.

By day Mike works as a Security Analyst/Coordinator for a regional hospital. By night he gets to dive into his creative side.

He founded and runs EHP Designs, a web design and multimedia archival company, as well as being a freelance web designer and amateur photographer.

He and his wife also run their own photography company, Stolen Moments Photography, that was founded in 2013.

He has had the honor of one of his Rapid City Rush pictures being picked to be used for their season ticket advertisements.

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Sarah Crook

Sarah has evolved into quite the sports fan over the years, including a huge love for the local Rapid City Rush and Florida State Seminoles.

She is a local cosmetologist in Rapid City and has been enjoying this profession most of her adult life as well as working for a civil engineering firm.

When not cheering on her Rush or styling her clients she can be found relaxing with a good book or taking in the beautiful sites of the Black Hills.

Over the years her strengths as a photographer have grown immensely to the point that she runs her own photography company with her husband, Stolen Moments Photography, that was launched in 2013.

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Trisha Cuka
Backup Photographer

Trisha is a mother and avid hockey lover with the addition of the Rapid City Rush to the Black Hills region.

She currently resides in Rapid City and has been available as our statistician and backup photographer when needed and is always excited to go to a hockey game.

She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends and getting out to “The Hills” whenever time allows.

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Niki Everson
Contributing Photographer

Niki is a thirty-something year old mother of a wonderful son, when not chasing interviews and photos with the top collegiate football players in America, works for a local municipality in the state of Florida.

Niki Everson is an avid sports fan, especially when it comes to her Florida State Seminoles football team, and an up-and-coming sports writer/photographer. She gives a bold, fresh outlook to the on field action with a woman’s point-of-view.

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