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2018 Tournament Challenge

Do you have what it takes to win our Tournament Challenge? Create your bracket (up to five total) and compete for cash, prizes and bragging rights for the rest of 2018!

2018 Tournament Challenge

It’s that time of year again, sports fans!

Welcome to March Madness and the 2018 edition of our annual Tournament Challenge. The conference championships are in full swing and the brackets will be released on Sunday (men’s) and Monday (women’s).

Here’s the breakdown for the 2018 challenge and the prize options:

  • Like last year there will be a challenge for both the Men’s and Women’s tournaments
  • The individual winning bracket for each challenge will have the option of claiming the locker room t-shirt of the winning team from that bracket or a custom designed Free Sports Press tournament challenge shirt
  • The top scoring contestant (combined score of all brackets entered in both tournaments) will win both locker room t-shirts or a custom designed Free Sports Press tournament challenge shirt and a $25 prize (sent via PayPal)
  • Finally, if you are the “Ultimate Top Contestant” and win both brackets as well as being the “Top Scoring Contestant” you will win the grand prize: the locker room t-shirt of both men’s/women’s tournaments, a custom designed Free Sports Press tournament challenge shirt, and a $50 prize (sent via PayPal)

The rules of the contest are simple:

  • Each contestant is allowed up to five (5) entries in each the Men’s and Women’s challenges
  • Your entries must be submitted and joined to the group by the start of the “Round of 64” to be eligible
  • Scoring is done by the official ESPN “Tournament Challenge” contest so there is no chance of tampering

What’s not to love, right?  So make sure to sign up today.

To-date we’ve only ever had two non-Free Sports Press employees win our challenge, one got to claim the t-shirt of her alma mater (a UK Championship shirt) that season and the other got to rep a Free Sports Press championship t-shirt.

Will you add your name to the list this season?

ESPN Men’s Bracket Challenge: Free Sports Press Group

ESPN Women’s Bracket Challenge: Free Sports Press Group

UPDATE (03/19/2018)

We’ve done it in year’s past and we’re doing it again this year.  For those of you who saw your bracket destroyed in the first two rounds of the tourney there is still hope.  We’re offering a “2nd Chance Bracket” to add to your total score entry.

You have until the first game tips-off in the Men’s Sweet 16 to add up to three (3) brackets to our “2nd Chance Bracket” Challenge.  There is no prize for winning this specific bracket challenge but your total points accumulated in your brackets will be added to your combined points entry between the NCAAM and NCAAW Tourney Challenge brackets to determine an overall winner.

So even if you’re confident in how your brackets stack up for the last four rounds of competition it would be wise to create a few extra brackets anyway just to be safe.

ESPN Men’s 2nd Chance Bracket Challenge: Free Sports Press Group

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