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A slight improvement in our picks last week (at least it was over .500) but still it has dropped our overall percentage to below 70% on the season.  Time to regroup and rethink our picks.  But first let’s talk about some of the bigger match-ups of this weekend.

#17 Boston College vs #2 Clemson (8pm ET Kickoff on ABC)

Is there any team that can stop the “Tiger Train” from barreling its way toward an undefeated season?  The Boston College Eagles are looking to take their shot at putting an end to Clemson’s run on Saturday.

Eagles QB Anthony Brown does have the arm strength and accuracy to help guide his team to a win, but does the team as a whole have what it takes to compete for 60min against Clemson?

Clemson knows their man under center, Trevor Lawrence, will give the Eagles secondary fits through the game.  This fact hasn’t eluded Eagles head coach Steve Addazio either.

“Here’s a guy that throws the ball really, really at a high level. I mean, he’s very accurate, he’s athletic, he can run the read zone game. But he’s an elite thrower. And so it gives them a dominant run game and a dominant throw game.”

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney isn’t under-selling the competition though.  This will be his team’s last true road trip of the regular season and there’s a lot riding on coming away with a win.

“We got a huge challenge in Boston College. Really impressed with their team. They’ve gotten better and better as the year has gone. Tough, physical, well-coached team on both sides of the ball. Do a great job in special teams.”

We’re thinking this game will be close for the first half until the Tigers make some key halftime adjustments that allow them to run away with this one by the time the fourth quarter starts.

#3 Notre Dame vs Florida State (7:30pm ET Kickoff on NBC)

The Noles no longer have to deal with vaunted QB Ian Bank.  Does that automatically secure this game as “winnable” for FSU?

Not likely.

The Noles run defense is up to the task to shut down the Irish run game but with having their own issues on offense this team has to fire on all cylinders if it wants to have any shot of escaping South Bend with a victory.

And don’t forget the potential blizzard that FSU will have to contend with.  The weather may be the best equalizer come Saturday night.

FSU head coach Willie Taggart knows isn’t worried about the cold weather Saturday night.

“Our guys played in some cold weather last bowl game, so it’s not like they haven’t played in it. It’s going to be cold for both teams. We get that. We got to go play. We can’t make that an issue for us. We can’t make that an excuse.”

We’re thinking this game is going to be close but just when FSU looks to get the go-ahead score the tide will turn and the Irish will get a late touchdown to seal the victory.

It hurts to call that prediction but until this team can prove us otherwise we’re going to have a hard time picking them in the remaining three games of the season.  But we’ll gladly take a loss in our pick if it means they walk away with the “W”.

Now onto this weekend’s ACC Football picks.

Thursday, November 8th

Friday, November 9th

Saturday, November 10th

Last Week’s Picks: 4-3

Year-to-Date Record: 58-26 (69.05%)

Here’s to hoping for a great slate of games and we’ll check back in next week and hopefully not cringe at the results.  And we’d like to over our thanks and appreciation to all Vets for your service to our great nation and the sacrifices you’ve made.

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