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We run a wide range of contests and giveaways throughout the year.  Some are tournament pick’ems (NCAA Tournament Challenge), some are season-long pick’ems (College Pick’em and Pigskin Pick’em), and some are just random prize giveaways (annual Summer Giveaway).

Regardless of what the contest or giveaway is there is always one constant.

They are always free.

It’s our way of interacting and giving back to those that support our site and allow us to continue to do what we enjoy.

Check out the various contests and giveaways listed below for all their respective details and thanks again for your support!

 2021 College Pick’em

 2017 Bowl Mania

 2021 Pigskin Pick’em

 2018 Summer Giveaway

 2021 Men’s Tourney

 2021 Women’s Tourney

Official Contest Rules