The temps are starting to drop and the leaves are beginning to change color.  That can mean only one thing.

Football season is back!

And with football season comes our annual “Free Sports Press Pick’Em Challenge”, sponsored by ESPN.

A slight change to our College Pick’Em is we’ve gone back to a straight point scoring setup, versus scoring based on confidence.  We had to create an entirely new group for this so we’ll lose out on previous year’s stats.  In the end, though, I think more people will have an easier time with this format.

We’re still giving away a $15 cash prize (paid via PayPal) to the winner of each challenge.  So there’s a small amount of cash to line your pockets along with 365-days of bragging rights.

We know this post is extremely late in getting out there, and most likely there won’t be a large number of entrants in either challenge because of this.

But there are still a few days to get your College Pick’Em entry submitted as well as a little over a week before the season starts for Pigskin Pick’Em.

You can view all the details about each contest here:

Or just jump straight in and join each of our groups here:

We thank all who are able to participate this season.  It should be a great season

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