We apologize for the delay in getting this information out there but after a rather entertaining Bowl Season that included a hard-fought National Championship Game between Alabama and Georgia it was only fitting that our challenge went down to the wire.

We’d like to thank all who participated in this year’s Bowl Mania Challenge, powered by ESPN.  This year’s challenge came down to the final three contests with the top two entrants going 2-for-3 in picking the national semi-finals and the national championship game correctly.  We tip our hats to the winner as their final score was a mere 2pts off the final tally while our tying entry was 7pts off the final mark.

So without further delay the winner, by virtue of a tie-breaker, is bdwin78 2.

Whomever owns the bdwin78 2 account please message us either via our website or our Facebook Page so we can get you your $20 prize.

Again, thank you to all who participated and be on the lookout for our next contest: The Men’s/Women’s Bracket Challenge coming this March.  The NCAA Basketball season is in full swing and there are loads of teams vying for that chance to cut down the net when it’s all over.

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