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Our Origin Story

College Course Turns into a Sports Media Company

This site has gone through some major changes coming from 2000 to 2010.  We originally began as a site created to fulfill an HTML class in college back in 2000.  A few months after that, EHP Designs decided to take over development of the frontend and created Nolz Country.com.

From the fall football season of 2000 through March 2010 that is what we were known to the world as: eventually becoming one of the top fan-based websites for the Florida State Seminoles football team.

We began developing flash-based intros back in 2004, which are definitely cheesy by today’s standards but were semi-inventive back in the day.

We then began working with EHP Designs to develop “high-quality” video montages of the previous year’s footage, and were even lucky enough to work with Destin Holland on custom music tracks for FSU.  They have created quite a cult-following on YouTube.

But one thing became painfully obvious; it was almost impossible to cover FSU games live and in person.  Even though we had been granted media credentials to almost every bowl game dating back to 2003.

A few years back we were blessed to meet a fellow Seminole die-hard by the name of Niki Everson (founder of Think Pink Sports Media, which is now defunct).  And when presented the opportunity to cover the Champs Sports Bowl against Wisconsin back in 2008 as a photographer for Nolz Country, she quickly jumped at the chance.

Together we helped grow the site even more as a national presence.  But the sad truth still remained that Tallahassee was a long ways away from our current location.

In December of 2009 we met up with Jason Roberts via Niki (founded and formerly with PRISM Press Group, now founded and with Envision Sports Media) and he helped a lot with working on credentials and getting a broader national scope.

It was decided that we needed to broaden our sports coverage, which also meant we needed to rebrand the website.

So in March of 2010 Nolz Country.com became Free Sports Press: a sports media site for the masses.

Our shift has changed yet again since forming FSP.  Due to changes in our personal life we were not able to attend as much sporting events live as we had in the past.  So we have changed our focus to a more “vlog-style” format and photojournalism starting in 2019.

Our “Between the Pipes” vlogs also partner with The Sin Bin and are featured on their site and YouTube Channel.

We thank you for your continued patronage and look forward to providing an engaging level of content for your enjoyment.